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If we don’t develop self-awareness, whatever we do isn’t going to bring us closer to personal authenticity. Self-awareness is the first step we must take if we want our lives to enter into the progress of positive change. While we grow, both inside and outside, we must be aware of what our own thoughts and emotions are and what they’re telling us, what mindsets and habits we have, and how well we are equipped and suited for personal growth or what’s lacking in our life. That’s how we can move forward into becoming who we are capable of becoming, while keeping a close understanding of what our strengths and weakness are. But it all starts with being aware of who we are now, in order to know what we need to change so that we can grow into a whole better person. #RobertPop

V9 / January 6, 2015 / Blog

V9 / January 6, 2015 / Blog

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